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NST DEPARTMENT: The Nagaland State Transport came into being as a utility service Department rather than a commercial venture, like any other development Department of the Government of Nagaland. The primary objective of the Department like all other S.T.U.’s in the country is to provide efficient, adequate and economic as well as co-ordinated transport facility to the people of Nagaland. Initially NST buses were the only means of passenger transport in the State, when it was created way back in 1965. The State of Nagaland being land- locked with hilly terrain, road transport is the only means of transport both for passenger and goods services. Therefore socio-economic development of Nagaland entirely depends on roads and road transport, wherein the role of NST Department is paramount in the absence of alternative means of transport.

Service offered to Public and its Location: In the present scenario, with the emergence of private operators in passenger transport,the NST still plays the important role of providing the lowest fare in passenger services to the poor rural population. The private operators are mostly providing service only on profitable routes with higher rate of fare. Therefore, the passenger service rendered by the Department is essential to the poor rural public of the state.The Department presently operates 112 scheduled services throughout the state covering 21,300 scheduled KM daily.